Welcome to Zitle.com,

The site started as a freelance portfolio project in the early 2005. Now it is about to be re-born in 2012 as a branch of our corporation - ITWS.

The main purpose of the site will be to serve as a standalone place for our services, mostly in the social netwotking sphere and more accurately concerning:

  • Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Youtube and other social media websites strategies and advises.
  • Facebook applications development - Tab and Canvas.
  • Mobile Apps and HTML5 mobile solutions, including Facebook Mobile Apps.
The site will be officially launched in the second Quarter of 2012 with full interactive portfolio. Meanwhile you can use the contact form on the right to send us a message. Stay tuned and thanks for your 1 minute of life reading this statement.
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Feel welcome to contact us with any questions about IT know-how, web design, hosting or programming. We're good. In case you're in a hurry: +359 886 350 486 - Martin Tomov
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